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100 years of Bosch Car Service

Happy Birthday to us! 🎈🎈 This year we are celebrating our 100 year anniversary for BoschCar Service.We will celebrate all year, so stay tuned for facts about our history, offers, competitions and much more!

Trust us to look after your car

Keep your manufacturer’s warranty when you get your car serviced with us. We perform repair and maintenance work to the specifications of the manufacturer, so the vehicle remains fully under warranty. Trust us to look after your car.

Brake Check

Have you recently noticed any changes in your brakes such as softness in the brake pedal or unusual noises coming from the brakes? If that’s the case a brake check would be perfect. At Bosch Car Service we already know your car, as we benefit from Bosch knowledge and innovation of braking system such as ABS and ESP® technology, which means you can trust us with your car.

When did you last check your battery?

A simple battery check from Bosch Car Service
will help you avoid the inconvenience of dead
✔️Detects battery deterioration before failure occurs
✔️High-quality replacement batteries used
✔️Proper disposal of old batteries

100 Years of Bosch Car Service – 2021

New year, same car and same amazing service! For the past 100 years, Bosch Car Service has been providing you with a unique and reliable service to ensure the best possible quality for your car. And we will keep on going for the next 100 years!

New Website!

New Website!

We have recently updated our website. You should now find it works more efficiently and looks a little more crisp than before! Stay posted for more features coming soon…

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